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Tennis Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

A private lesson is with the coach and one student and a semi-private is with the coach and two students. These lessons are recommended for the student or students that are looking for more indivualized attention.  Students only need to wear appropriate tennis attire and bring a racquet.The lesson rates are as follows:


Private Lesson          $90 per hour


Semi-Private             $48 per hour per student


Cancellation Policy

All private and semi-private lessons must be cancelled 48 hours before the lesson.  If not, the whole lesson fee is required to be paid. 

Lessons are expected to be paid in full at the time of the lesson.  If not, there is a $10 administration fee added to the total.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are with the coach and three to six players in the group.  Here at Chandronnait Tennis Academy we organize our groups by level.  The following are the group rates per student:


Number             1/2 hour       1 hour            1 1/2 hours

Group of 3             $17             $34                   $51

Group of 4             $14             $28                   $42

Group of 5             $13             $26                   $39

Group of 6             $12             $24                   $36 


Group lessons are a monthly commitment.  Group Lessons are paid on a monthly basis starting with the first lesson of the month.  Students will receive an e-mail from the Chandronnait Tennis Academy about a week before the start of the month giving the total for the month.  There are no make-up lessons for missed group lessons.


Lesson are expected to be paid at the first group lesson of the month.  If not paid, there is a $10 administration fee added to the total.      

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