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Chandronnait Tennis Academy

    Coaching Philosophy

Here at Chandronnait Tennis Academy we understand that each person is an individual with his or her own set of special attributes.  We cherish each person's differences!  Some are more physically talented, some are emotionally or mentally talented, still others are well balanced.  Because there are so many variations, each person will most likely grow and learn at different rates.

      Alan Chandronnait

As one of New England's top tennis coaches, Alan's coaching experience extends over 35 years of training all levels of play.  He has coached over 400 USTA ranked junior players with over a dozen in the top ten in New England.  He has coached over 50 NH high school singles or doubles champions and a Division II All-American and a Division III National Doubles Champion.  If you read the "Coaching Philosophy" though, Alan enjoys coaching all levels of play from beginner to national level.

         Court Rental

Would you like to play on your own private indoor tennis court?  Four new heaters have been installed, a new roof, recently re-surfaced, beautiful two tone court, indirect lighting, water cooler. Quiet, peaceful, and fun!

We offer other great things like a ball machine, a backboard, even racquet repair and stringing.  Push "More" below for details.

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